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Revisiting La Tene Art: Ideas of Ethnicity and Diaspora

La Tene Art (Wandsworth Shield): Wiki Commons Image In the framework document for consultation 2013: ‘The National Curriculum in England,’ produced by the Department for Education, worryingly, prehistory has been afforded a cursory mention amongst a rather impressive coverage of history … Continue reading

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Gender Roles and the Mass-kill Event: A Cross-Cultural Analysis

Gender Roles and the Mass-kill Event: A Cross-Cultural Analysis by Lisa Bond For the last thirty years archaeologists inspired primarily by the feminist movement, have become more aware of ‘gender assumptions’ when interpreting past human behaviour. The subject remains an … Continue reading

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The Last of the ‘True Vikings’? An Insight into the Motivation Behind Norse Exploration West

Written by Lisa Bond Recent excavations carried out by Canadian archaeologist Patricia Sutherland may have further complimented our knowledge of Norse exploration into the New World. The excavations were carried out to establish the extent of Norse presence in the … Continue reading

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